[Alchemy Stars] EX2 – Appeal | No 6* Units.. There was an attempt..

Event: Trials Amongst Golden Ripples
Stage: EX2 – Appeal
Boss: (Irridon: Eximius)

Irridon/Paloma Dream Event

An attempt to 3 star the stage without using 6* units. Ended up 7% short on my best attempt. I can easily finish the fight next turn, but I miss a star for going under 3 rounds remaining. Perhaps it’s possible to win in time with more levels and better RNG on the Mona/Cuscuta stacks. Uploaded raw footage of one of my attempts to show the idea behind the clear. It’s trivial to grab the extra star by using Mythos or another 6* sniper instead of Mona. It is unfortunate the boss is immune to both DoT and % damage, otherwise there would be more leeway.

The truth focus passive on this stage boosts the damage of all forest aurorians’ active skills, and additionally boosts the damage of all snipers. Fun fact, there are no 4* forest snipers in the game, which means I had to resort to collab units like Mona to fit in more non-6* forest snipers. This strat did not work with BT2 Lucoa, so I waited until the Dragon Maid rerun to MBT her before trying again. She is instrumental to this run; she boosts active damage as the fight goes on while also destroying statues. Active and normal damage is quite important here as it’s almost impossible to do chain damage with anyone except Paloma. The Irridon clones can also only be hit by sniper chains or certain global actives (like Lucoa and Dawn actives).

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